2019 – 2021 IMPACT REPORT


We are writing to share exciting news about the three-year impact of our work in support of the children and young adults entrusted to our care.

EducationWorks, Inc. (EW) is focused on creating scalable solutions and transformative ideas to reach our young people “where they’re at,” often employing these initiatives directly in the field to ensure sustainable, human growth. EW supports communities lacking sufficient global resources and equitable learning environments, and we are very proud to celebrate 30 years of empowering the people we serve.

“We are engaging students and making the school day whole, as well as re-engaging disconnected young adults in education and career readiness.”

Miles Wilson
President and CEO

“We are engaging students and making the school day whole, as well as re-engaging disconnected young adults in education and career readiness.”

Miles Wilson
President and CEO

Learning & Impact:

STEAM Themes

Each programming year, EducationWorks chooses a theme to guide Out-of-School-Time (OST) content (3-6 p.m.). While STEAM — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math — is at the foundation of our program model, our curriculum and supporting activities are created and curated each year to provide our students with fresh and engaging material. We partner with leaders in STEAM, including Philadelphia’s own The Franklin Institute and the National Science Foundation, to ensure that our students have access to high-quality resources and experiences.

For the 2021-2022 programming year, nearly 1,000 students at participating Philadelphia and Camden schools have explored what it means to be a Citizen Scientist. Under this theme, students are encouraged to pursue their curiosity and use critical thinking skills and an inquiry-based approach to find solutions to the everyday problems they see in their communities. With a focus on environmental science and urban agriculture, our students have explored the wildlife, flora, and fauna in their very own backyards; identified pollinators in their neighborhoods; researched trees found during nature walks; and collected temperature data to create their own heat maps.


In the News

PowerCorpsPHL is a nationally recognized, award-winning workforce development program, and as such, it has served as a model for career-training programs across the United States. Learn more about PowerCorpsPHL, its programs, and its members through a collection of recent media coverage, articles, case studies, and more.

The Environmental Protection Agency highlights how PowerCorpsPHL partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department is essential to diversify the workforce at local utilities.

Learn how PowerCorpsPHL’s award-winning Memorial Grove was created in the wake of Philadelphia’s record-breaking gun violence in this front-page article from the Inquirer.

The Aspen Institute takes a look at how PowerCorpsPHL has engaged young adults and employers to increase economic opportunities for young workers of color.

Hear how PowerCorpsPHL continues to make progress in decreasing recidivism in Philadelphia in this Philadelphia Citizen's podcast.

Have you heard of the Civilian Climate Corps? Learn why PowerCorpsPHL is the model for its return in this article by The Verge.

Hear from 2021 Corpsmember of the Year, Destiny Lewis, on how PowerCorpsPHL changed her life.

Learning & Impact:

Community Wellness

Over the last five years, EducationWorks has deepened its commitment to providing holistic programming to our students and staff. We’ve engaged with PureEdge, a national nonprofit that offers strategies to support the development of social, emotional, and academic learning. PureEdge’s training and curriculum encourage our team to embrace self-care, wellness, mindful movement, and rest. These techniques and values are then transferred to our students through the activities and programming our staff create and facilitate.

In this same spirit, our staff at Overbrook High School established a partnership with the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission to coordinate weekly meetings between our students and the police officers in their respective communities. The program aimed to confront the stressors associated with interacting with police officers by encouraging candid discussions on spiritual, mental, and physical wellness, police brutality, conflict resolution, and communication.


Industry Academies

In its commitment to engage young adults by providing meaningful economic opportunities with sustainable pathways for personal and professional growth, PowerCorpsPHL has refined its program model to reflect new and in-demand, skilled-based careers and has expanded its industry-specific, career training tracts. To support this focused, technical training, PowerCorpsPHL has also lengthened program engagement, raised the hourly stipend rate, and has increased the number of industry/employer partners.

Young adults entering PowerCorpsPHL Industry Academies, which acts as the second phase of engagement in the PowerCorpsPHL program model, will now have a training stipend equivalent to $14 per hour and will receive on-the-job training and credentialing for careers in green infrastructure, solar engineering, urban forestry, masonry, park ranger, and youth work.

Learning & Impact:

In-School Supports

In addition to providing out-of-school-time activities, EducationWorks also provides in-school supports that make the school day whole and offer meaningful and engaging activities for students in their school settings. Offered to elementary and middle schools in Philadelphia and Camden, these programs place an EW staff member directly in schools to develop relationships with students, staff, and sometimes even families.

EducationWorks provides structured activities for both indoor and outdoor recess that create safe, healthy, and joyful experiences through social activities that engage all students. Unorganized school recess can lead to fighting, bullying, injury, and other undesirable student interactions. Through socialized recess, EducationWorks’ staff provides engaging and educational recreational activities that also provide opportunities for positive engagement, leadership and character development, conflict resolution, and relationship building.

EW also offers the installation of Restorative Action Centers, which serve as an alternative to suspension and further disciplinary measures. The program engages students individually and in a group settings to find solutions that address the child’s behavior.



Launched in 2021, PowerCorpsPHL’s TRUST (The Road to an Ultimate Successful Transition) is an urban-farm, rapid engagement and re-entry healing initiative that exclusively recruits returning citizens and vulnerable young people and offers immediate enrollment, income, and exposure to PowerCorpsPHL’s unique model of service. The program is a direct response to the socio-economic challenges that were amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic: gun violence, unemployment, depression, isolation, and more. Participants engaged in TRUST are provided with individualized supports (personalized life and skills coaching) that allows them to explore options for personal growth and career-focused skill building while earning a stipend for participation. Upon completion, participants are also provided with the opportunity to continue with PowerCorpsPHL and move towards its traditional, AmeriCorps service program or to direct employment.

Learning & Impact:

Summer Programming

Recent national research has shown that about 52 percent of students in the summer months lose an average of 39 percent of their total gains made during the school year in the occurrence known as summer learning loss. Advocates indicate that summer camps help students stay academically engaged during the summer, but EducationWorks summer programming does more than that. Our six-week summer program continues our model of experiential, hands-on STEAM learning and exposes our students to unfamiliar activities, life-long skills, and new careers.

More than 600 elementary, middle, and high school students across Philadelphia and Camden participate in EW’s summer programming. Summer with EducationWorks includes presentations from guest speakers who are elected officials, nonprofit leaders, and STEAM industry professionals; engaging visits to the Philadelphia International Airport, the Constitution Center, and the District Attorney’s Office; and experiences that can shape our student’s futures. Our most famous visit is to our partners at the Franklin Institute, where our students take over the famed institute for a day of exploration and learning. For many of the students, it is their first time at the national attraction, but by the end of the visit, they are eager to return.


Memorial Grove

On October 17, 2020, PowerCorpsPHL unveiled Memorial Grove – a site within Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park that is dedicated to members who have passed away. Neighboring PowerCorpsPHL’s training center and outdoor headquarters, the Grove is part of a multi-acre, forested land project led by the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department and Fairmount Parks Conservancy. For years, the space had been neglected and overgrown by invasive plants, until PowerCorpsPHL began forest restoration work and discovered a public, common space. Once cleared, the area became a reflection of PowerCorpsPHL’s adversity, hard work, determination, service, and achievement.

Memorial Grove was nationally recognized by The Corps Network as the 2021 Corps Project of the Year, which honors innovative projects that demonstrate a Corps’ ability to work with partner organizations, give Corpsmembers a positive experience, and provide the community with meaningful improvements. “Here we remember the young people of PowerCorpsPHL who passed away. Their leadership, talents, and contributions to this city will not be forgotten. We honor them here, at the PowerCorpsPHL Memorial Grove, and in our service to one another. May they be forever empowered.”

“Here we remember the young people of PowerCorpsPHL who passed away. Their leadership, talents, and contributions to this city will not be forgotten. We honor them here, at the PowerCorpsPHL Memorial Grove, and in our service to one another. May they be forever empowered.”

“EW concentrates on systematically leveling the education and career fields, partnering with cities, school districts, industry, communities, and other promise-driven organizations.”

Stephan Roker
Chair, Board of Trustees

“EW concentrates on systematically leveling the education and career fields, partnering with cities, school districts, industry, communities, and other promise-driven organizations.”

Stephan Roker
Chair, Board of Trustees

Consolidated Statement of Operations
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Current Assets
    Cash and cash equivalents $ 374,889 $ 112,791 $ 1,082,810
    Current portion of grants and accounts recievable 3,377,868 2,445,393 1,868,972
    Prepaid expenses 187,841 79,240 94,707
    Pledges recievable n/a 208,233 n/a
Total Assets 4,231,370 3,132,011 3,069,026
Total Liabilities 2,077,790 2,070,484 2,715,866
Total Net Assets 2,153,580 1,061,527 353,160
Revenue *includes unrestricted and restricted funds
    Grants and contracts *8,771,647 *7,543,301 8,739,686
    Contributions (donations in 2018) *107,090 *36,702 22,046
    Special events 37,849 25,379 3,567
    Other 70,983 17,954 6,810
    Restricted Carryover 0 1,092,053 708,367
Total Revenue 8,987,569 8,715,389 8,772,109
    Program 7,166,359 7,397,212 8,536,348
    Management and general 1,070,081 982,879 768,176
    Fundraising 239,523 335,298 175,952
Total Expenses 8,475,963 8,715,389 9,480,476


Board of Trustees

*as of 11/01

Stephan Roker

Board Chair

Senior Vice President, LTSS Services

The AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies

Dennis Dumpson

Founder & Principal Consultant


Nikki Frazier

Business Relationship Manager

Centri Business Consulting, LLC

Rick Genzer

Director of Portfolio Success

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Frank Johnson

Director, Integrated Health


David Oppenheimer

Partner, and past Board President, Robin Hood Ventures

Marc Orlow

Vice President

Begelman and Orlow

Raymond Perkins, PhD

Research Scientist


Mike Robinson

Head of COO Transformation and Resiliency

Barclays Consumer Banking and Payments

Scott Stein



Miles H. Wilson

President and CEO



*as of 11/01


Miles H. Wilson


Julia Hillengas

Executive Director PowerCorpsPHL

Tiffaney C. Waters

Chief Operating Officer

Jamil Rivers

Chief Financial Officer

Claire M. Allamby

Chief Advancement Officer

Gregory Delozier

Vice President of Business Development

Donna Williams-Griffin

Executive Assistant/Office Manager


Mary Ann Flasinski

Director, Office of People & Culture

Jaribel James

Data and Compliance Manager PowerCorpsPHL

Dawn Johnson

Manager, Office of People & Culture

Soledad Richards

Compliance & Data Manager L&I

Staci Price

OPC Operations Generalist


James Plewes


Joseph Johnson


Lauryn Pembleton

Finance Assistant


Greg Smith

Advancement and Communications Associate


Devin S. Hamilton

Director of Programs

Adrian McGill

Director of Re-Entry Services

Carlos Alvarez

Director of Social Enterprise Operations

Daniel Lawson

Director of Technical Assistance

Jasmine Oglesby

Director of Trauma Informed Practice

Matthew Woodruff

Assistant Director of Data

Michael Cappon

Assistant Director of Industry Training

Gentris Jointe

Assistant Director of Workforce Development

Shelley Thomas

Assistant Director of Culture and Climate

Michael Herrmann

Program Manager

Jay Adams

TRUST Program Manager

Haydeelin Martinez De Jesus

Reading Climate Corps Program Manager

Dominic Speach

TRUST Project Manager

Ian Ross

Project Manager

Nicole Bullock

Training and Curriculum Manager

Megan Spivey

Fellowship Manager

Kalef Jones

Deputy Climate Manager

Seth Degginger

Work-Based Learning Manager

Pedro Soto

Supervisor Green Stormwater Infrastructure Academy

Jennifer Hagen

Supervisor, Urban Forestry Academy

Ali Martinez

Data and Recruitment Coordinator

Torjia Karimu

Project Coordinator

Tynerra Brown

Project Coordinator

Riz Carthins

Support Services Advisor

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Support Services Advisor

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Support Services Advisor

Cassius Cohen

PowerCorpsPHL Crew Leader

Patrick Downing

PowerCorpsPHL Crew Leader

Destiny Lewis

PowerCorpsPHL Crew Leader

Jaleel Williford

PowerCorpsPHL Crew Leader

Romeo McCloud

TRUST Crew Leader

William Barrera

Reading Climate Corps Crew Leader

Allisa Lopez

Workforce Development Advisor

Darryl Ford

Workforce Development Advisor


Kenya Baldwin

Assistant Director Learning & Impact

Renee Stewart

Assistant Director Learning & Impact

John Williams

Assistant Director Learning & Impact

Joy Smith

Director OST Program Quality & Assessment

Alana Cooper-Russ

Assistant Site Coordinator

Shirah Gist

Assistant Site Coordinator

Tiffany Jones

Assistant Site Coordinator

Ashley Pearsall

Assistant Site Coordinator

Nathali Raymond

Assistant Site Coordinator

Jenae Washington

Assistant Site Coordinator

Cheryl McFadden

Learning & Impact Specialist

Thurman Gravely

OST Consultant

Latif Burnett

Program Facilitator

Yvonne Bailey

Site Coordinator

Marcus Bradford

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Antoinette Chambliss

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Main office location:

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(P): 215.221.6900

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Main office location:

990 Spring Garden Street,

Suite 601 Philadelphia, PA 19123

(P): 215.221.6900

(F): 215.221.6901